G & J. PASSALIS SA. acknowledges the importance of confidentiality of data that is entrusted within its scope of activities and therefore complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

We want to explain in detail the policies and practices we have adopted to protect your privacy so that you feel confident about how we handle the information,that allow to identify yourself ("personal information") and which you entrust to us , and comprehend the way of using your personal information in order to provide you with the best possible products, services and experiences.

The server (s) that make this site available, as well as, the databases on which the information is stored, may be installed outside of the country from which you access that site, from a country that does not have the same laws for privacy with the country that you are resident. Therefore, the personal information that you provide to us may be transferred to abroad, but the collection, processing and use of your personal information will be solely effected by us in accordance with the present Policy. Questions related to jobs are likely to be transferred to any member of our Association.

Although, we do not intend to make changes to our policies very often, it is always advisable to check every time you visit our site that you have read and agree with our current policy statement. We will not make any changes with retroactive effect unless required by law.

The content of our site may include, among other scopes of interest, games, applications, surveys, sweepstakes and contests, as well as, advertisements. We may also provide information about the members of the link and their products and offer the possibility of applying for jobs or creating professional profiles and the ability to obtain information about vacancies. We hope you enjoy our site and to visit it often!

Please take some time to read about our policy. We offer you this short summary in order to help you.

We use your personal information to satisfy your requests and to serve you better. We do not share your personal data with third parties outside the link without your consent.

We will send you οnly the material you have indicated that you wish to receive according to your preferences and we will respect your request for exemption from such information.

We use cookies and web beacons to help us understand the features that apply to visitors, to provide better functionality, to offer you personalized content and to manage your registrations or access to certain functions.

We adopt security procedures to protect your personal information.

We reserve the right of using or disclosing your personal information under certain circumstances, such as for legal purposes or the protection of our property or as it is prescribe or required by law.


When we sellect personal information?

We sellect personal information such as names, addresses, e-mail, activity information, demographic information (age, gender, etc.), business information and job preferences, tastes, or other information about your preferences e.t.c., when voluntarily submited by site's visitors. IP addresses that appear to belong to visitors may be recorded for safety reasons and systems diagnosis. This data may also be used in a collective format for us to review and evaluate the website's efficiency. Visitors may choose to submit electronically personal information for participating in competitions, obtaining information or submitting comments, signing up to a program or a chat room.

We have the legitimate interest to check the credibility of our suppliers and associates in order to maintain the high quality of our services to our clients. Data that has been provided to us in the course of a transaction may be used to verify the fulfillment of your financial obligations towards our Company.

We collect data that has been submitted to us through C.V.s and for security reasons we may collect and record data of your communication with you. Before using it, however, we will require your formal consent.

It is also possible to obtain contact lists, demographics and other information from other sources. For facilitation of our members and better service to you, we combine the data.

Our site is designed and addressed exclusively to adults.


Do we reveal data to Third Parties?
We do not share personal data with third parties that are not connected with us, with the exception if and when this is necessary regarding our professional scope and needs or it is required by law.
In some cases, we may share your personal data with other G & J. PASSALIS SA’s branches or third parties, for example our business collaborators, Banks, insurance companies forwarding companies, postal or Government Agencies (Customs), etc. in order to comply to your demands or to complete our legal transaction or to fulfill a legal obligation. G & J. PASSALIS SA’s policy is to contractually bind such third parties – suppliers so that they, in their turn, treat the furnished information the way we do, according to our Policy and the law.
Furthermore, G & J. PASSALIS SA may transmit personal data beyond geographic borders to our Agents or collaborators legally seated outside Greece. G & J. PASSALIS SA. may also store personal data in a different jurisdiction than the one you belong to.
G & J. PASSALIS SA may also reveal personal data when needed to respond to claims made by the Law enforcing Agencies or in case that such action is required by law or by a Court’s ruling.
G & J. PASSALIS SA will never sell your personal data to third parties. In addition, G & J. PASSALIS SA will not transmit your personal data to random third parties.
In case that personal data are transferred to a third country (a country outside Europe), we use all the appropriate safeguards, such as the European Commission’s standard data protection clauses.


Data Retention Period
G & J. PASSALIS SA will keep your data stored only for the period of time that they are necessary according to the reason for which they were collected, or, until their deletion has been requested, with the exception of specific cases when contractual obligations or the law requires otherwise.
The retention times of personal data are reflected in the processing records of G & J. PASSALIS SA.
Some categories of data are retained for longer than expected for the purpose of defending the company's rights and exercising its legitimate claims. Processing in such cases will take as long as it takes for the lapse of the claims, the irrevocable termination of judicial or administrative proceedings in which we may be involved or the completion of an out-of-court dispute resolution procedure between us.
Other cases of a longer retention period are cases of accident and security incident investigation.


What do we do with your personal information?
You can choose if you submit personal information. In some cases, it is necessary to submit personal information in order to access certain functions of the site. We collect information that allow your identification, to participate in competitions and inform you about the results, to send you by email updates and news, to answer any questions or comments you submit for your registration to access specific functions , to send you updates on job vacancies that fit your profile (if you submit your resume) to provide you with personalized material, information and / or send you brochures and other information about our link. We ask visitors who provide their emails to let us know if they would like to receive further information or updates from us or our site. Only those who declare that they wish ,will receive informative e-mail or other kind of information from us. We may also ask you if you would like to receive information about similar products. Such information will only be sent to those who explicitly declare that they wish to receive such information electronically. If we are not sure of your preferences, we may ask you about them. We also offer το visitors the option of excluding them at any time they will no longer wish to receive emails or other information from us.

Sometimes, there may be information on the products, as well as catalogs, available electronically and can be sent to you by mail. For example, when people are subscribed to download one of our online cataloques, we may add them to the list to receive this cataloque.

Personal information is used exclusively by us and our employees in order to respond to your requests and serve you better, in accordance with the present policy. The persons who handle personal information are trained for using appropriate procedures. Our representatives and service providers are required to keep your personal information private and not to use them for any purpose other than those serving the provision of specific services to us.

The data may be shared or combined with data from existing or future members or other entities related to our link, in order to strengthen efficiency and minimize double registration of your contact information. In addition, we may sometimes ask you if we could share information with other liable third parties. We will inform you during collection of the information, if we expect this kind of sharing information with some third parties, we will define the types of businesses at the relevant point of collecting the information, describe the type of information we will share (such as the address or the your e-mail) and we will share the data with other parties only if you agree. We will share the personal data only of those who have agreed, as part of our cautious policy.


Exercising Your Rights
By contacting us free of charge, you are able to request information or exercise your rights deriving from articles 12-22 of the GDPR:
• The right to be informed.
• The right of access.
• The right to rectification.
• The right to erasure.
• The right to restrict processing.
• The right to data portability.
• The right to object.
• Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.
We have the obligation to answer your request within one month of its reception. If the request is too complicated or there are too many requests to handle, this deadline shall be extended by one month.
You may also submit a complaint to the Greek Data Protection Authority:
Address: Kifissias 1-3 Ave., Athens, 115 23, Greece
Telephone number: (0030) 210 6475600
Fax: (0030) 210 6475628
Ε-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Ηοw we use cookies and web beacons;


What are the cookies?
Cookies are data files that a site sends to your computer during your browsing to the site. These data files include data that allows our site to remember important information that will make more efficient and useful to you the use of the site. Our sites use cookies for various purposes. We use cookie technology and IP addresses to obtain non-personal information about visitors of each site and to provide to our registered visitors the best possible personalized online experience.


How do we use cookies?
Our site visitors use different web browsing software and different computers. In order to make your visits easier with the technology that you use, we automatically record the type of browser (eg Internet Explorer, Netscape) and the operating system (eg Windows, Macintosh) that uses a visitor, as well as, the name of the visitor's internet service provider. We also record the total number of visitors to our site in a cumulative way, in order to be able to update and improve our site. This process does not export personal information. This data shows us if most visitors prefer specific functions or parts of the site than others, which helps us to keep our site updated with new material that is of interest to most of our visitors.


How do we use cookies to personalize your experience on our sites?
Cookies technology helps us to provide material that suits to the interests of a visitor and allows us to facilitate for our visitors the registration and participation in drawings and competitions and access to other available functions of our site. Whereever is permitted, we may associate personal information with a cookie in such cases.


What if you do not want cookies?
If you do not want cookies, you can set up your computer to alert you whenever a cookie is sent to it or to disable the download of all cookies through your Internet browser (eg Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) . (Check your browser's Help / Help menu to learn how to change or update your cookie settings correctly).


What are web beacons and how do we use them?
Some of our webpages and informative e-mails may contain electronic images called web beacons, also known as files of a pixel GIF type, pure GIF files or pixel tags. Their use on websites allows the counting of visitors , who have accessed our pages. Their use in product promotion emails and newsletters, allows us to calculate how many of registered users have read the material we send. Web beacons allow us to develop statistical information about activities and functions that are most relevant to our consumers, in order to provide more personalized material. They are not used to access personal information without your consent.


What about chat rooms, message boards and other interactive forums?
We can provide chat rooms, message boards or announcements or interactive sites where visitors can post comments or information to please our visitors. If this site has a chat room, bulletin board or message board, social networking capability, or other interactive sites, where personal information can be published, check the regulations before entering them as you may be bound by them in conjunction with the General Terms and our conditions. Rules for participating in interactive functions may impose age restrictions and other limitations to the participants. As you know, anything you publish on the internet is accessible to all Internet users. We do not provide any warranties and do not bear any responsibility for the information you publish voluntarily.


What do we do to protect personal information?
We have established specific safeguards to ensure that our internal processes meet the high standards provided by our policy. More specifically, we encrypt and anonymize collected data, we have a secure browsing feature on our website, we check through physical and electronic security measures (Firewalls) the collection and processing of your data as well as its future storage within our Company.

Furthermore, by every meant we oblige third parties to cooperate with us as representatives for the creation of the present site and for the distribution of content to you, as well as , for the serving of your orders and needs, in order to agree to protect the personal information that must be accessed in order to serve the needs of the site and our visitors and to respect your preferences regarding the updates you receive.

All the above mentioned processes are handled by specific, specifically authorized personnel, who are contractually obliged to comply with all the requirements of data protection by law. Consequently, access to your data is only allowed to employees or suppliers who are fully aware of their responsibility to handle and protect your data with care, or severe legal (civil and criminal) charges will be pressed upon them in case of fault.


What about links to other sites?
We are likely to provide links to other sites. However, we try to provide links only to sites that share common values ​​with us. You should always check the privacy policy of any site you visit through a link, in order to understand the practices of collecting personal information, including the way of using cookies. We are not responsible for the content or policies of collecting information from sites operated by other companies. If you visit another site, you should read its privacy and other policies.


What else do you need to know?
We reserve the right to use or disclose any kind of personal information, based on the need to comply with any law, regulation or legal claim, to perform survey in relation to consumer complaints or possible violations of the law for the protection of the site's integrity, for serving your requests, or for cooperating in any search that is performed for legal purposes.


For any information and / or clarification regarding the aforementioned, please do not hesitate to send a message or contact: +30 210 9429162


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